The focus of Women in Construction (WIC) Week is to highlight women as a viable component of the construction industry. WIC Week also provides an occasion for NAWIC’s thousands of members across the country to raise awareness of the opportunities available for women in the construction industry and to emphasize the growing role of women in the industry. It is also a time for local chapters to give back to their communities.

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How to Celebrate WIC Week

Artwork & Logos for Women in Construction Week 2024

Logo with Date

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Save the Date Flyer

WIC Week Zoom Background

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Resources for 2024 Women in Construction Week

WIC Week Button

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Suggestions on Promoting WIC Week
  • Display the Women in Construction Week Poster at your office, job site, local high schools, and colleges.
  • Wear the Women in Construction Week button.
  • Have a local business display NAWIC or Women in Construction Week materials.
  • Host a Women in Construction informational seminar.
  • Have a NAWIC booth at a convention/trade show.
  • Promote NAWIC scholarship to local Students.
  • Hold a membership drive or host a Women in Construction Career Day.
  • Promote NAWIC on a billboard.
  • Hand out PPE with the NAWIC Logo.
  • Proclamation Request Letter - 25th Annual
  • Sample Proclamation Letter - 25th Annual
  • Proclamation Request Letter - WIC 2023
  • Sample Proclamation Letter - WIC 2023
WIC Week Pin and Poster Order

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2023 WIC Winners

Small Chapter

Let's Build

Winner: Quad Cities/Moline #50

Runner-up: Southwest Florida #267

Reaching Out

Winner: Montana #387

Runner-up: Fargo-Moorhead #286


Winner: Montgomery #267

Runner-up: Central Missouri #341


Winner: Tallahassee #72

Runner-up: Roanoke Valley #226

Medium Chapter

Let's Build

Winner: San Antonio #11

Runner-up: Coastal Georgia #380

Reaching Out

Winner: Gr Palm Beach #877

Runner-up: Tulsa #76


Winner: Gr Sioux Falls #237

Runner-up: St Louis #38


Winner: Buffalo Niagara #388

Runner-up: Tampa #36

Large Chapter

Let's Build

Winner: Greater Orlando #73

Runner-Up: Minneapolis/St. Paul #164

Reaching Out

Winner: Las Vegas #74

Runner-Up: Nashville #16


Winner: Gr Birmingham #53

Runner-Up: Silicon Valley #99


Winner: Hawaii #114

Runner-Up: Atlanta #49