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Build. Lead. Succeed is NAWIC’s new podcast that is dedicated to having real conversations about what it’s like for women in the construction industry.

Episode #16 The Importance of a Construction Education

April 5, 2022

Angela chats with Tammy Crooks Senior Project Manager at Byrne Construction Services and current President of the NAWIC Education Foundation (NEF). The two discuss the importance of getting a solid construction education and how that can be achieved via many programs offered by NAWIC and having the right support network.

Episode #15 A Construction Recruiters Perspective on the Job Market

 March 22, 2022

Angela chats with Kim Walker, Executive Recruiter and Co-Owner of Global Recruiters of Bradenton. Kim provides insights on how she had to adjust her recruiting during Covid, the current state of the job market, and advice for construction professionals currently searching in a very active job market.

Episode #14 A Machinist Building a Path for Herself and Others

March 8, 2022

As part of Women In Construction Week, we have a fantastic episode to share with you. Angela Highland sits down with Miranda Martz. Miranda is a tradeswoman and CNC Machinist who has honed her skills and earned credibility in her craft while also inspiring others by helping with apprenticeship programs. Please give this a listen.

Episode #13 Talking Project Management

February 22, 2022

Host Angela Highland sits down with Laura Jones, Project Manager with WW Gay Mechanical Contractors. Laura discusses her experience and how she blazed her path to become a project manager, and how she leads her teams on the job site. Her story is one of determination, resilience, and adapting in tough times.

Episode #12 Thrive as a Leader in Construction & the Trades

February 8, 2022

Angela sits down with Business Coach, Consultant, and owner of Thrive HQ; Coralee Beatty. Coralee is an experienced business owner in the trades who has also been advising women leaders in construction. The two discuss the best approach to starting and managing a business in construction and the trades.

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