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Build. Lead. Succeed is NAWIC’s new podcast that is dedicated to having real conversations about what it’s like for women in the construction industry.

Episode #11 Meet an Emerging Leader in Construction

January 25, 2022

Host Angela Highland chats with Stacey Dillion, Vice President of Estimating and Purchasing at Bond Mechanical in New York City. Stacey takes us through her journey as a student in Northern Ireland to become a rising woman leader in the construction industry while working at Bond.

Episode #10 Skills for a Better Future

January 11, 2022

Host Angela Highland chats with Apryl Armstrong, the founder of Skill4, a non-profit that works with young girls, many of who are about to age out of foster care. Apryl’s organization helps these girls identify their talents that can be applied within a construction company. They are educated in the trades but also introduced to other positions in construction such as marketing, finance, and HR. Skill4 also teaches valuable skills that can be applied to independent life.

Episode #9 Opportunities for All

December 14, 2021

In this episode, host Angela Highland chats with Debbie Rodriguez, Owner of Competitive Edge Partners, Co-Owner of Quality Labor Management, and Founder and President of iBuild USA. Debbie is a powerhouse in the construction industry who is not only providing opportunities for women but also educating young people about construction careers and also providing chances for those who are not always given one.

Episode #8 Differentiate the Customer Experience

November 30, 2021

Angela Highland sits down with Stacy Sherman, an award-winning customer experience keynote speaker, podcaster, author, and founder of Doing CX Right. The two discuss how customer experience can differentiate brands.

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