Professional Women in Construction: Computer & Data Science 

Computer & Data Science

When most people think about construction workers they tend to focus on the onsite workers, and it is common to overlook the people who do the tech-based work. Women currently make up about 10.9 percent of the construction work force and 38.6 percent work in the office space. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer science jobs will increase by 19% by 2026. These statistics have led to an increase in computer and data science majors and construction companies are noticing. 

Construction tech on the rise 

Every year there are more and more technological advancements that construction companies are utilizing whether it be droning flights, 3D printing or blockchain technology. With these new advancements come more jobs for tech-based professionals and now more than ever are construction companies reaching out to college students for recruitment to the industry.  

Reaching out starts early  

One positive thing about computer and data science college students finding a job in construction is that they don’t really have to have any hands-on construction experience, making it more accessible to find a job in an industry that is always active.  

Based on a report done by Handshake, with big tech faltering, tech majors are increasingly more interested in construction jobs. Applications to construction jobs from computer science and data majors more than doubled over the past year. 

Company and employee benefits  

According to a report by Vice President of Production Management at Newforma, “By increasing the number of women employed in construction technology, companies actively participate in dispelling the common misconceptions that act as a barrier to full representation. As women begin to fill technical positions in the construction industry, more career opportunities also become available in leadership positions.” 

Organizations supporting women in tech 

There are also new organizations popping up to help create resources for women in tech that intend to break down barriers for women in the field. Women in Construction Tech is an international organization that is dedicated to creating opportunities and developing relationships for innovative women in construction. Organizations like this along with The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) are here as an outlet for women who might be interested in joining the construction tech industry. NAWIC is dedicated to helping women with their journey into the construction industry whether it be in the field, the office or in tech. NAWIC provides extensive resources to women interested in the technical field with job postings on the website along with educational resources and from technical institutes.  

NAWIC helps women in construction be heard by advocating for all women in the industry and by providing educational opportunities, leadership training, mentorship, and support. As the leading organization for women in construction, NAWIC has more than 6,100 members in 118 chapters across the US. Contact a chapter near you to learn more.