South Central Region

Cooperation, Open Dialogue, and Trusting Relationships

Our South Central Region is known for the robust relationships among our members, despite the physical distances and diverse experiences. As part of this region, you’ll experience a unique sisterhood bound by open communication and cooperative collaboration.


Welcome to Our Amazing Region!

A spirit of cooperation is the norm in our NAWIC region. We value your ideas and perspectives and promote a non-judgmental environment where you can freely express yourself, collaborate, and learn. The South Central Region offers many opportunities to bolster both your personal and professional growth.

Join us to experience the profound bonds, education, and leadership opportunities that our chapters offer!

Y'all I don't ever join associations but NAWIC, what can I say it is just worth it!
South Central Region Ladies

Annual Spring Forum & Fall Conference

Join us at our annual Spring Forums and Fall Conferences for an incredible chance to connect, network, and establish meaningful connections with fellow members from different chapters and regions. These events are not only enjoyable but also provide valuable learning experiences that are sure to ignite your inspiration. We can’t wait to see you!

Angela Robbins Taylor

Angela Taylor

Construction Career Collaborative, Houston Chapter 3

South Central Region Director

Angela Taylor

South Central Region, made up of chapters in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and part of Tennessee, represents women in all varieties of construction. When you join the South Central Region as a member or guest at an event, expect to receive the traditional southern charm just a little bigger!

Proud to be construction and proud to be professionals, the women of South Central are dynamic and powerful. Dedicated to creating an inclusive environment and a safe space for women to grow and flourish, the South Central Region’s 18 chapters foster opportunity for networking and professional development. Whether you are an emerging professional, seasoned veteran, or student we have a place for you.

Current South Central Director, Angela Taylor has always been a champion for women at work. NAWIC gives her a platform to take that passion and apply it to a group that is dedicated to elevating and celebrating the work of women. Her focus is empowering the chapters to grow and impact their communities through innovative outreach programs, industry events, and collaboration with other construction and architecture associations. We are always better together and NAWIC is the foundation for networks, businesses, and friendships to build and flourish. If you are looking for a place to belong – we are your home!