South Atlantic Region

History, Spirit, and Relevance

The history and spirit of NAWIC is alive within our up-to-date and relevant education and programming designed for today’s women in construction.  As a member of the South Atlantic Region, you will connect with members of all experience levels – those who have gone the distance with NAWIC for 40-50+ years, women just starting their careers, and everyone in between!

NAWIC is a platform for women in our industry to come together and rely on one another. As a member, you will benefit from professional and personal networking, educational and leadership training, and the overall support that we provide every NAWIC woman.

Find Your Passion, Laughter, and A Bunch of Fun

Welcome to Our Amazing Region!

Lightheartedness and laughter are encouraged throughout all chapters of the South Atlantic Region but you can also expect to find strength, support, and courage in the women around you and in yourself.

We want you to find your passions and go after your dreams! When you become a NAWIC member, we’ll do our best to furnish the tools, knowledge, and applicable skills needed to attain your most high-reaching goals! We are so excited to see what you can achieve!

Annual Spring Forum & Fall Conference

Our conferences focus heavily on providing a variety of current industry practices and education that will be useful to all women no matter the role you play within the construction industry.

Look for breakout sessions, panel discussions, keynote speakers, and endless opportunities to network with others from our entire region!

You won’t want to miss the education you will receive and the connections you will make at our Fall Conference and Spring Forum events!

Rhae Sutphin


Watts & Associates - Columbia, SC

South Atlantic Region Director

Rhae Sutphin

Director, Rhae Sutphin’s word for her term is Allies. NAWIC has given her many opportunities to build important Allies for her company, her career and her network. Allies are the key to your success!