Pacific Northwest Region

Harmony, Tradition, and Strength

The Pacific Northwest Region of NAWIC maintains a perfect balance of preserving our roots while adapting to the changing dynamics of today’s construction industry. By becoming a member of our region, you become part of a diverse range of experienced professionals.


Welcome to Our Amazing Region!

Here in the Pacific Northwest Region, we cultivate a sense of unity and growth, spiced up with fun and thrill. We are here to support you in pursuing your dreams, equipping you with the right tools and skills to reach your highest ambitions.

We are excited about your journey and look forward to celebrating your achievements with you!

Annual Spring Forum & Fall Conference

If you’re looking for opportunities to network and build relationships with members in other chapters and regions, the NAWIC Pacific Southwest Region has an annual Spring Forum and a Fall Conference that are always fun, educational, and inspiring! We also host events in collaboration with other regions for even more networking opportunities. We hope to see you there!

Charris Sonne-Phinney

Charris Sonne-Phinney

Anchor Insurance & Surety, Inc.

Pacific Northwest Region Director

Charris Sonne-phinney

Welcome to the PNW Region page, we are a growing community of high achievers, superheroes, and all-around luminaries!

NAWIC is important for sharing knowledge, making connections, and building relationships.

We are committed to uplifting women in a non-competitive, supportive environment, and to creating a community in which women encourage and inspire one another through mentorship, inclusivity, and collaboration.

The Pacific Northwest Region of NAWIC is represented by 15 Chapter from Alaska, Northern California, Guam, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington.

The members from the PNW are not afraid of hard work or taking on difficult tasks! We will speak up and contribute to make our association and our members outstanding.

We can’t wait for you to join us!