Northeast Region

Your Sponsors, Cheerleaders, and Support System

The Northeast Region of NAWIC is laid back and we pride ourselves on maintaining long-term close relationships while valuing every new member’s opinion from the moment you join us!

One of the greatest benefits of belonging to NAWIC is that you will receive an amazing amount of support from fellow members. We develop close relationships, regardless of geography, and champion the idea of being “sponsors” for each other, meaning that we do not simply hand out ideas and advice, we actually go to bat for one another and are actively involved in helping fellow members realize their full potential.

Build your abilities, resume, and confidence

Welcome to Our Amazing Region!

We offer a safe space for you to try on different hats and learn new skills through committee work and special projects. You can use the opportunities provided through your membership to build your abilities, resume, and confidence, leading you to greater success in your career. We build leaders and many of our members have gone on to leadership positions at the National level.

You will find yourself part of a powerful network of people who will look out for you, be your champions, and connect you to resources and professional contacts. When a member finds herself in need of a new position, we rally around and use our personal networks to get her into one that is a good fit.

The Northeast Region of NAWIC is comprised of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states. As a member of the NAWIC Northeast Region, you will gain opportunities to learn and grow as a professional, but also have fun! We value free and open communication and we invite and welcome all to become actively involved.

We look forward to welcoming you to our amazing region! Please contact our Region Director or any of our NAWIC Chapters to learn more about the incredible opportunities NAWIC has to offer!

Fall Conference focuses heavily on organizational planning and Spring Forum is educational in nature, providing professional development growth opportunities, industry knowledge, team building exercises, and chapter development content. You can find information regarding our upcoming spring forum here!

We also have a regional event that takes place within the NAWIC National Annual Conference which gives us all a chance to visit and network with each other!

Northeast Spring Forum 2019

Heather Groves

Heather Groves

Cole River Consultants, LLC, Maine Chapter 276

Northeast Region Director

Heather Groves

Director, Heather Groves, credits her involvement in NAWIC with giving her the confidence and skills to go out on a limb and start her own consulting/engineering firm. As Region Director, Heather sits on the NAWIC National Board and is the voice of our region. She leads the planning of spring and fall events and welcomes you to join one of the outstanding chapters that will support your career growth and relationships in our region.