It should come as no surprise that the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on the rise in the construction industry. Construction technology and AI is advancing quickly with things like, Drones, 3D modelbased printing, or AI powered robot scanners like Spot the Dog, a device that can autonomously scan a job site to monitor progress.  

AI on the rise 

The placement of these technological advancements has shifted the traditional construction narrative that emphasized physical strength and bringing in more opportunities for women in the industry. In the white paper, “In Her Own Words: Rebuilding the Construction Industry,” the author highlights how beneficial this shift has been for women in the industry, creating positive effects on safety and how their focus, attention to detail, and team working skills have been highlighted while working with construction technology.  

Virtual reality training  

AI is also integrating into construction training with the introduction of Virtual Reality (VR) training classes that give women the ability to experience life like on-the-job scenarios before they enter a job site. Many companies and collages are utilizing these VR training classes like Inizio Engage, a VR training course that targets young students to provide them with advanced VR experiences with classes that task them to complete tasks like, Bacterial welding, 3D printing, drone flights, and completing repairs on the top of skyscrapers all from their classroom.  

Creating a more inclusive space  

This type of technology is not only opening the doors for women but creating a more diverse industry as a whole. The introduction of AI is bringing in more jobs duties that cater to a greater diverse group of people. In an article by Construction Today, it is stated that, “Challenges such as discrimination and uneven hiring practices persist, but the fusion of AI and modern construction practices is building a more balanced and inclusive industry.”  

NAWIC’s support 

NAWIC is dedicated to providing women with the resources that help women gain the training and education needed to learn more about construction technology like webinars about how women can use technology and tools to their advantage.  

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