How NAWIC helps women in construction advance their careers

Through a membership with the National Association of Women in Construction, female construction workers gain access to more than just a support system from peers. Members also receive information on the latest advances in the industry, the ability to apply for unique scholarships, educational resources, and networking connections with industry leaders. As the leading association for women in construction and women in the trades, NAWIC gives its members the opportunity to grow. And with more women joining the association every year, NAWIC continues to amplify the success of women in the construction industry.

NAWIC has been serving women in the construction industry since 1953. Seeing a need for support within the industry,16 women in the Fort Worth, Texas area created the group, which gained its national charter in 1955, and became a voice for women in a male dominated field. Now, with over 115 chapters across the country, NAWIC has been an integral part of helping women in construction achieve their professional goals.

Building leaders: Providing professional development for women in construction

Career advancement is a top priority for the association. It is our hope that as more women in construction who become leaders, even more young women will be inspired to pursue a career within the industry as well. To help make this a reality, NAWIC offers dozens of educational resources to promote industry learning and strengthen leadership skills. NAWIC also provides scholarship programs for women in construction to grow in their trade. All members have the opportunity to take part in the educational resources we offer, which can include in-person trainings, webinars and e-training, and mentorship programs. We also provide information on resources available for purchase so that our members can have the flexibility to continue growing their skills on their own time. Our development opportunities are geared towards women in all sectors of the construction industry, including trades, government positions, project management and administration.

Networking with influential leaders

In addition to providing educational resources and courses, NAWIC also works to give members a chance to connect with other women in construction, both locally and nationally. We believe that listening to and learning from others is just as valuable as skills learned on-the-job. NAWIC holds an annual conference to bring members together for several days of training and activities, social connections, and seminars with industry leaders. Because we have chapters all over the country, our conference provides a unique opportunity to hear a range of experiences from members working in different environments, both culturally and geographically. This year’s annual conference, held virtually, was another successful celebration of our work, our members, and a look into our future projects.

Making a difference in the industry and the community

NAWIC has been fortunate to have the support of many partners within the industry. From mentorship partners like the Mentor Program of America to safety leaders like OSHA, we’re able to give our members direct insights to resources that keep their skills sharp and their ambitions supported. Many of our partners work with us to directly promote women in construction so that representation within the industry is more widespread and career advancement opportunities are provided. We also work with several outreach programs to bring awareness to underemployed and unemployed groups of women in construction. It is our belief that in strengthening the careers of our members and providing opportunities for those interested in management or trades that we can see the number of women in construction grow from every year.

Membership information for women in construction

There are several types of membership options with NAWIC. From being a student pursuing an industry-related degree to those actively working in construction, our membership tiers allow flexibility for all women in construction. And though many of our members have been with us since early on in their career, we accept members at any stage in their career.