Five resources that women in construction can benefit from and enjoy

Women in construction are continuing to work to have their voices heard by their male peers. From podcast features to magazine articles, there are plenty of inspiring women using various media forms to get their messages and hopes of a better community in the construction industry out there for their colleagues to hear. These women are providing great insight for the future of the industry, suggesting changes that can be made now, and giving advice to future generations of women in construction.

Here are a few of the resources that all construction women should have on hand for inspiration as we enter 2022.

The Boss? You’re Looking at Her: 7 Women in the Building Business
In this New York Times article, several prominent women in construction are profiled as being some of the best in the real estate construction business. Articles like this one are important not only to share the names and work of real construction women, but because the massive readership of publications like the New York Times helps to showcase women in construction to a broader audience. We recommend skimming through this article for a reminder of how far women in construction have come.

Ambition Theory: Women in Construction
We’ve discussed construction podcasts before in our blogs, but this particular podcast goes far beyond discussing what it’s like to be women in construction. The hosts of Ambition Theory Podcast dive deep into strategies and difficult conversations around diversity in the workplace and how to create safer spaces for all in the construction industry. As we head into another year filled with questions around the pandemic and the effects it will have on the industry, this is a great podcast to keep tabs on so the conversations around diversity and inclusion don’t get put on the back burner.

Now Is the Time for More Women to Break Ground in Construction
The reason to read this article is all in the title. It really doesn’t get more motivational than that! Other than the power behind the article’s name, Construction Executive contributor Melissa Uribes outlines several ways that recruitment efforts for women in construction went up in 2021. The key detail, however, is that recruitment isn’t the only factor that’s increased, but an emphasis on commitment to diversity has seen a spike from both current and prospective employees in the industry. The article also discusses how sophisticated technology has made training more accessible to less-experienced workers, opening doors for women who want to get in on the ground floor.

Dear Patriarchy
Serious discussions meet sarcasm and fun in this podcast hosted by sisters who have spent decades working in typically male-dominated industries. Dear Patriarchy helps women in construction and other industries have difficult conversations as minorities in the workplace, from how to ask for a raise to professionally handling toxic masculinity on the job. With all the heavy stuff going on in the world, this is an enjoyable listen to take a break with whenever you’re in the mood to learn some valuable life lessons.

Women in Construction: The State of the Industry in 2022
It’s always good to go into a new year knowing where your industry stands. And the Big Rentz blog covers it all in this recent article. From statistics on how many women in construction make up the workforce at the start of 2022 to the number of new construction industry jobs on the horizon and what diversity on the job could look like this year, this blog gives a great overview of what women in construction should prepare for in the months to come. The article also highlights several prominent women in construction and offers some background on how they made their way to the top. Admittedly, one of our favorite parts of the article was the shout-out to NAWIC for providing a resource to women in construction – of course, we’re a bit biased.

How to get more content from The National Association of Women in Construction
The National Association of Women in Construction has 117 chapters throughout the United States. Membership is open to any women in construction throughout the industry, making it easy to find a chapter nearby. NAWIC’s seeks to connect members with other women construction workers, educational materials, and training resources to help them build more confidence in their abilities and develop leadership skills. One way that we do this is through our own content mediums including our podcast, available for both members and non-members wherever you listen to podcasts.

Any women in construction interested in joining NAWIC can apply for membership by using either the online form or downloadable application to fill out and mail in – both of which are available on our website. There are also several membership options available for flexible pricing and membership terms. To learn more about our work to unite women in the industry and inspire future female leaders in construction through membership with NAWIC, contact us through our social media pages, our website.