7 Facts Men Should Know About Women in Construction

  1. A million strong: There are a million women currently working in the industry at all levels, with more joining the workforce every day!
  2. Women work hard: Just like our male counterparts, women in construction have worked hard to build their experience and knowledge – from on-the-job training to apprenticeships to certifications and Construction Management degrees.
  3. Women are leaders, too: Nearly half (44%) of women in construction work in professional and management roles.
  4. Adding diversity: Women can drive success with valuable insight and a fresh perspective. A study has shown that diverse groups make better decisions up to 87% of the time and delivered 60% better results compared to homogeneous groups.
  5. Proper PPE matters: Personal protective equipment such as hard hats, work boots, and safety vests and goggles, aren’t always designed for the specific needs of construction women. That’s a major safety hazard as well as an inconvenience. To be effective, PPE should suit a worker’s body, whether that worker is male or female. PPE for women isn’t about fashion. It’s all about the proper fit.
  6. Women are a solution: Women in construction can help solve the workforce shortage now and build a better future by inspiring the next generation of female construction workers.
  7. Teamwork: Ultimately, it’s about getting the job done. Together.

Here are ways men can support women in construction:

  1. Advocate for issues such as:
    • Increased hiring, training, and leadership opportunities for women.
    • Equal pay in all areas of construction.
    • Better fitting PPE.
  2. Treat women in construction as colleagues worthy of respect.
  3. Share your experience and knowledge of women in construction freely.
  4. Be open to a fresh perspective on problem solving.
  5. Don’t tolerate inappropriate behavior. Speak up when you see anyone attempting to devalue, sexually harass, bully, or intimidate women in your organization.