Empowering Women: Be an Ally with Impact

A WIC Week Event for Everyone…Especially Men & Leaders
Brought to You by Ambition Theory and the NAWIC Leadership Academy

Often, the burden of addressing barriers to women’s career advancement falls solely on women.

This WIC Week, we’re flipping the script –– this webinar is for the men.

We’re extending a special invitation to the men, leaders and anyone who wants to play a more active role in transforming the industry and best support the women on their teams and in their companies.

We’re diving deep into research that explores:

~ What’s really holding women in construction back.
~ Tangible ways you can support the women in your company and across the industry.

Here’s the thing.

When a woman taps into her own unique brand of leadership, the result is more than personal success; it’s a powerful shift that’s felt by her team and beyond. In the heart of our NAWIC Leadership Academy lies a powerful truth: while designed for women, the ripple effect of the training across participants’ organizations is where the real potential for transformation lies.

Real-Life Success Story
In the session, you won’t just hear about the transformative power of our Leadership Academy—you’ll witness it. You’ll meet a graduate who, armed with newfound leadership confidence and skills, is not only propelling her own career to new heights but is also serving as a dynamic catalyst for positive change within her entire company.

So really, this webinar is for everyone.

It’s for anyone who recognizes that creating a construction industry where everyone can thrive requires everyone’s support.

It’s about addressing the barriers, taking direct action, and actively dismantling obstacles together.

Join us in shaping the keys to the future of construction, where everyone can thrive. Hope to see you there—men and leaders included!

The event is finished.


Mar 08 2024


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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