Connecting with construction women all over the world: NAWIC’s International Affiliates

Did you know that the National Association of Women in Construction is recognized all over the world? It’s true!

Although NAWIC is a national association – founded in the US in 1953 – there are several international associations that NAWIC has working relationships with. Construction women across the globe continue to have their voices heard, thanks in part to our sixteen founders who first pushed for support and representation in the industry. Recently, NAWIC has been building stronger connections with our affiliates to provide even more support for their associations – and we’re looking forward to collaborating closely in the future. Read on to find out more about some of the international construction women who are taking the NAWIC mission global.

Operating under the name Canadian Association of Women in Construction – or CAWIC as it’s called by members – this organization provides sponsorships, mentorship for construction women and young females in the community, and grant opportunities. The group was officially incorporated as CAWIC in October of 2005 after first operating as the Toronto Chapter of NAWIC, founded in 1982. CAWIC strives to inspire girls and women to pursue careers in the construction industry throughout Canada.

New Zealand
NAWIC in New Zealand works hard to be the “leading voice for women in the construction industry,” and thanks to their outreach, they have been able to provide much needed support for construction women in the form of several chapters throughout New Zealand. Currently there are chapters in Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Wellington, Canterbury, and a satellite chapter in Queenstown lakes. In addition to carrying on the history and legacy of the founding NAWIC group in Texas, NAWIC in New Zealand also runs the NAWIC Excellence Awards every year – in partnership with BCITO, a construction industry apprenticeship organization – to showcase amazing construction women throughout the industry.

With the tagline, “We help women be who they want to be in construction,” NAWIC Australia seeks to uphold its values of celebrating construction women, being bold and brave, caring and connecting, and advocating for change for construction women. NAWIC Australia has been serving construction women throughout the country since 1995 and includes chapters in every state and territory throughout Australia. With annual events for both members and non-members, scholarship opportunities for young women, and a vast support group for construction women, NAWIC Australia is seen as the go-to resource for government, industry, and media inquiries into the challenges and opinions of construction women in the area.

South Africa
The South African Women in Construction organization, better known as SAWIC, represents construction women in the Gauteng regions. These areas include the City of Johannesburg, Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality, Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, Sedibeng District, and also West Rand District Municipality. The group, incorporated in 1999, currently has over 100 members, some of which are construction women who own companies in property development, manufacturing, and property management. The mission of SAWIC is to enhance the role that construction women can play in the construction industry and to provide young women with the resources, inspiration, and support to build a career in construction.

United Kingdom
NAWIC UK helps construction women throughout the industry connect and provide support for one another. From architects and lawyers to engineers and surveyors, all construction women have the opportunity to become a member. NAWIC UK is also a firm believer that improvements throughout the industry for construction women need to be a collaborative effort with non-members and men as well, which is why most of their events are open to everyone in the industry. Founded in 2003, NAWIC UK signed on as an official international affiliate of NAWIC and continues to work closely with all international affiliates to help construction women expand their skills, their career opportunities, and industry knowledge in the hopes of better representation throughout the industry.

Here at NAWIC, we are thrilled to be partnering with so many construction women and inspirational leaders all over the world. And our footprint keeps growing! These international extensions of the NAWIC family are just a few of the affiliates we work with. As we keep growing and making an impact for construction women throughout the U.S. and the world, we will continue to share the work of our international affiliates.

The National Association of Women in Construction now has over 117 local chapters across the United States, which makes it very easy for female builders to connect with our network of professionals. Membership is open to all construction women and NAWIC is able to provide members with amazing resources to help them gain confidence in their abilities and develop more leadership skills. Any female builders interested in becoming a NAWIC member can apply for membership by using either the online form or downloadable application to fill out and mail in – both of which are available on the NAWIC website. There are also several membership options available with flexible pricing and membership terms. To learn more about the female builders and powerful construction women involved in NAWIC or if you have any questions about membership,  through our  social media pages, or our website.