Charitable acts by National Association of Women in Construction chapters over the holidays

One of the missions behind The National Association of Women in Construction is to support all construction women in their industry – but our members also make time to support and serve their local communities as well. Due to ongoing concerns around the pandemic, communities were in need of help more than ever and many of our members stepped up to ensure that anyone in need over the holiday season had a happy one.
We’ve gathered a small sampling of the holiday fundraisers, gift-drives, and charitable events that our chapters were involved with across the country for the 2021 holiday season. We hope all of these stories of women in construction giving back through NAWIC serves as reassurance that we really are capable of making an impact when we work together through our chapters.
NAWIC Greater Omaha Chapter #116
Early in December 2021, Greater Omaha Chapter #116 held a holiday potluck and charity gift drive that served not only as a way to celebrate the holidays together but to collect donations to a local domestic violence shelter. Chapter #116 was able to provide dozens of gifts and supplies for women and children currently seeking refuge in the shelter. To show their appreciation, the shelter’s Director, Heidi Smith, made a visit to thank NAWIC at the holiday event and pick up all of the donations.
NAWIC Roanoke Valley Chapter #226
To benefit a rescue mission in the Roanoke Valley, NAWIC Chapter #226 partnered with The Book Dragon Shop to deliver some much-needed gifts to those in need. Thanks to the Roanoke Valley chapter, NAWIC and The Book Dragon Shop were able to gift toys donated through a toy-drive in addition to children’s books.
NAWIC San Diego Chapter #21
The construction women of San Diego’s Chapter #21 chose to participate in a clothing drive for a local women’s shelter, Rachel’s Women’s Center. As part of this drive, members were asked to either donate or help provide clothing and supplies for women in need, many of whom who are homeless. Rachel’s Women’s Center is a member of the United Way and agency of Catholic Charities, USA.
NAWIC Eugene Chapter #77
The NAWIC members out in Eugene, Oregon decided to put a spin on standard holiday donations by partnering with Shift Community Cycles, a local bike shop aimed at making bicycles more accessible to community members. As part of 2021’s partnership, NAWIC Chapter #77 and Shift Community Cycle were able to provide bikes to an entire family all through the power of community donations.  
How to get involved with The National Association of Women in Construction chapter in your community
The National Association of Women in Construction has 117 chapters throughout the United States. Membership is open to any women in construction throughout the industry, making it easy to find a chapter nearby. One of NAWIC’s missions is to connect members with other women construction workers, educational materials, and training resources to help them build more confidence in their abilities and develop leadership skills. Any women in construction interested in joining NAWIC can apply for membership by using either the online form or downloadable application to fill out and mail in – both of which are available on our website. There are also several membership options available. To learn more about our work to unite women in the industry and inspire future female leaders in construction through membership with NAWIC, contact us through our social media pages, or our website.