Break the Construction Glass Ceiling: Women in the C-Suite

Breaking the glass ceiling 

In today’s construction industry we are seeing more and more women break the glass ceiling in the industry. The construction and trades industry has historically been a more male dominated field and companies are now seeing the more positive effects that having diversity in leadership positions can have on their business.  

How women are changing the game 

In a study conducted by the Harvard Business Review, research shows how impactful it is to integrate women into senior positions and what kind of effects that diversifying top management teams (TMT) has on a company, “we found that the more effectively female executives were able to integrate into the TMT, the greater the impact they were likely to have on its decision-making.”  The study highlights how women in leadership positions are making a big change in the industry, “finding that when women are appointed to the C-suite, they catalyze fundamental shifts in the top management team’s risk tolerance, openness to change, and focus on M&As versus R&D.”  

Women in leadership 

In an interview done by Loreman, architect Ellen Dickson was asked what it’s like to work in a male-dominated field and said,  “The industry was much more male-dominated when I started. But as we look at statistics now, it’s changed. I’m proud to see there are more women in the field and that it’s nearly 50/50 in terms of representation. We see that as a big victory and improvement.” Each year we are seeing more and more women like Dickson breaking the glass ceiling and joining these top leadership and C-suite positions that have historically been held by men. Women holding these titles opens the door for so many others in our younger generation to do the same. It creates new mentorships and more educational opportunities that haven’t been as available to women in the past.  

The Leadership Academy 

At NAWIC we provide women with the resources they need to help continue this growth in the industry. NAWIC has recently partnered with the Ambition Theory to create the NAWIC Leadership Academy, an educational coaching resource for women in construction who are looking to join leadership positions. Both NAWIC and Ambition Theory have come together to use their own skills and resources for women in the industry to create a place to help the break barriers that have prevented women from holding leadership roles in the industry.  

The Leadership Academy offers so many great courses that help build confidence and teach strategic leadership skills that can help elevate the company that you work for. It’s a great way to network and join an online community that is dedicated to helping each other with coaches, classes, and guest speakers all there to help you succeed. These resources are open to all women in construction and if you are interested in joining an info session, visit  

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