Best Person for the Job: Mandy Alfaro

Currently located: Charlotte, NC

Job title: Licensed General Contractor & Project Manager

NAWIC Position title: Currently, I’m a Board Director & Marketing Chair. I started handling the chapter’s newsletter last year and continue to do it.

Tell us a little bit about your career and current position.
I have a degree in Architecture from NC State University, am currently licensed in both residential and commercial construction for North Carolina Construction and have been a commercial construction PM for 2+ years, after working with a global Window & Doors manufacturer.

How long have you been a NAWIC member, and how did you learn about NAWIC?

I have been a member of NAWIC for 2+ year; I learned about NAWIC from a co-worker when I was first hired on at my current company

How has NAWIC helped you in your career?
NAWIC has offered many networking opportunities for trade connections in the field and provided me resources in learning how to earn my GC license, as well as other educational opportunities.

What is the best part about being a NAWIC member?
The friendships. Working in a male dominated industry and office, it’s like having instant female coworkers, a group of supporting women who work in the industry and understand the struggles of the industry and truly actively support each other.

Why do you consider NAWIC to be a great organization?
NAWIC has been very important to me over the past two years in my career path. It’s a unique group of career-driven women in the industry. There is such a variety of women of different backgrounds, different professions and positions, and vast years of experience that the networking opportunities and knowledge growth is never ending.

Congratulations to Mandy for being recognized as part of our Best Person for The Job feature series. And thank you for all of your contributions to NAWIC! If you know of a NAWIC member that deserves to be recognized, contact us today.

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