Best Person for the Job – Lexi Sturgis

Lexi Sturgis has come a long way since being the co-operator of her father’s Bobcat skid steel

Lexi Sturgis has come a long way since being the co-operator of her father’s Bobcat skid steer back in the day when he ran a pool-building company. As resident engineer for the largest infrastructure upgrade to the Town of Nantucket, Massachusetts, the Sea St. Sewer Force Main No. 3., Lexi Sturgis supervises the daily construction activities, provides engineering onsite in real-time, and tracks all the production. Sturgis got her start in construction management right out of college. She completed a Construction Management Trainee (CMT) program at a medium-sized general contractor. Upon graduating from the program, Sturgis became an assistant project manager. Since then, she has held engineering positions at different general contractors, working her way up to being a resident engineer running complex multi-million-dollar critical infrastructure projects. Her dream is to own and operate her own construction company. Like many people, Sturgis has had her struggles. She credits getting sober as one of her proudest moments in her career. “I would never be where I am in my career if I hadn’t stopped drinking alcohol. I am proud of myself for figuring out a way to unlock my potential and show up for myself.” The current president of the NAWIC Greater Worcester, MA chapter, Sturgis also credits NAWIC for her success. “I was able to make it because of ladies in NAWIC speaking my name in rooms I was not present in and advocating for me.” NAWIC has also provided Sturgis with extensive leadership training and experience opportunities, enabling her growth from chapter director to vice president to president. As she has developed as a woman leader in construction, she says, “The greatest challenge I have found is when to be silent and when to speak. From experience, I have learned that demonstrating kindness to others goes a long way. If you are a good person and act with integrity, then you can accomplish any task.”

As NAWIC chapter president, Sturgis mentors the next generation of women in construction. “It is now the time everyone has been talking about; the generational shift is upon us,” she says. ‘We are going to see a transition of the older workers to the new ones, that women with experience begin to mentor younger women.” Sturgis offers one last piece of advice for women in construction: “Learn to think like a man, and act as a woman of dignity and grace.” If you know of a NAWIC member that deserves to be recognized as a Best Person for the Job, contact us today!