Best Person for the Job: Jeanette Alston-Watkins

Currently located: Omaha, NE

Job title: Preconstruction Manager – Wind/Solar

NAWIC Position title:

Greater Omaha Chapter #116 board member (President 2016-2018)

National Membership Co-Chair

Tell us a little bit about your career and current position.

I am a seasoned construction management professional. In my current role, I am able to leverage my construction experience and passion for renewable energy to create a positive impact through the built environment. I worked for a mechanical contractor for over 20 years leading their construction division. That role taught me to see the big picture and distill it into achievable milestones. As a preconstruction manager, I work with owners and project teams to understand goals and ensure the team is set up for success from the beginning with accurate estimates and pathways to utilize a variety of renewable energy opportunities.

How long have you been a NAWIC member, and how did you learn about NAWIC?

I have been a NAWIC member for 11 years. I learned about NAWIC through the Omaha Chapter’s Block Kids event.

How has NAWIC helped you in your career?

NAWIC has offered me so many leadership, education, and networking opportunities. I have grown so much in my confidence and soft skills. I have learned about the industry, as well as our local construction and education communities. I have made close and long-standing professional and personal relationships within my community and around the US.

What is the best part about being a NAWIC member?

I often refer to NAWIC as my “finger on the pulse” of the Omaha construction industry. But for me the best part is the opportunity to give back. I find that I learn so many relevant skills through the committees that I serve on. I get to learn from all of the women I mentor and volunteer with. I see the development of the next generation through out Block Kids competition, our involvement with the local colleges and trade schools, and our interaction with the trade apprentices.

Why do you consider NAWIC to be a great organization?

NAWIC is a “boots on the ground” organization committed to providing and promoting opportunities for women to grow themselves and succeed in the rewarding field of construction.


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