Best Person for the Job: Kabri Lehrman-Schmid

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The National Association of Women in Construction is embarking on a new series highlighting members that embody the spirit of NAWIC. Anyone can be the best person for the job in the construction industry – and our NAWIC members are here to prove it!

We believe all of our members bring something unique to the table, and we are thrilled to recognize those of you going above and beyond within our association.

Kabri Lehrman-Schmid

Kabri Lehrman Schmid's headshot

Currently located: Seattle, WA

Job title: Project Superintendent

NAWIC Position title: I have been a Director on the Board of NAWIC Puget Sound #60 for the last two years and was committee chair for WIC Week 2020. Puget Sound #60 was recognized nationally by NAWIC for their 2020 WIC Week events and participation. Our theme was ?making connections?: across professional groups, age groups and our chapter’s wide geography.

Tell us a little bit about your career and current position.
I am a superintendent for a nationwide, general contractor and building services provider, Hensel Phelps Construction Co. Over my 13-year career, I’ve built a reputation on the successful management of high-risk, highly phased projects primarily in the Aviation industry. Along with my participation in NAWIC, I am the co-chair of a Washington-based taskforce dedicated to the awareness and prevention of suicide in construction, and also participate in multiple local initiatives that support minority representation in the trades.

How long have you been a NAWIC member, and how did you learn about NAWIC?
I’ve been a NAWIC member for 5 years. I learned about NAWIC by seeking out local organizations that support womxn in the industry and started my involvement by attending social and recreational events.

How has NAWIC helped you in your career?
NAWIC has provided a forum for me to speak, and network with other local organizations and leaders. As a female superintendent, it is important to me to use my voice and connections to support our industry. Through my involvement, I’ve been able to increase my networking and event management skills.

What is the best part about being a NAWIC member?
The NAWIC community is like an anchor, providing a reminder that I’m not experiencing the industry alone (on an island), and that I have access to a strong support system. It is a reminder that I am representing other minority voices in the industry with my actions and choices.

Why do you consider NAWIC to be a great organization?
NAThe mission of NAWIC amplifies the impact individuals can make in the construction industry by providing support and opportunities to connect with other passionate womxn. It is an organization with history and communities around the country, so there is a great sense of pride, as well as an uplifting expectation of performance/merit for its members. These organizational qualities benefit the effectiveness of the entire membership by creating a safe and educational space for female-identifying persons.

Congratulations to Kabri for being recognized as part of our Best Person for The Job feature series. And thank you for all that you do for NAWIC! If you know of a NAWIC member that deserves to be recognized, contact us today.

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