Best Person for the Job: Jordyn Nelson Fox

“Lean-in to mentorship and be a sponge.” That’s the advice Jordyn Nelson Fox has for women beginning a career in construction.

Fox found her path in construction following a career change. “I was initially interested in pursuing a path in Interior Design, but after my first job in the industry working for a large commercial interior finishes subcontractor, I fell in love with the world of construction and knew I wanted to dive in further.” She currently manages Pre-Construction and Business Development for Holladay Construction Group, building and maintaining relationships with clients and overseeing projects from pre-construction to purchasing and marketing initiatives.

“It has been easy to feel like the smallest voice in the room in an industry as male populated as construction. Early on in my career, I felt like I didn’t have the support to grow and learn to my full potential, and that as a woman I might always feel “stuck” in a support role,” Fox said.

But Holladay Construction Group promotes a culture that encourages entrepreneurship. With encouragement and support from company leadership, Fox moved into a project management role in 2022. Although the change was initially challenging and out of her comfort zone, Fox said the amount of knowledge she has gained has been invaluable.

“Often, I talk to women and men in the industry who feel like a number at their company and don’t have any real buy in, or they feel like achieving a specific position or title might seem too far out of reach. By listening to and investing in each individual’s career goals, most people at Holladay get an opportunity to dive into different paths early on and at a faster pace,” Fox said. She shared that she appreciates that each day she has the opportunity to learn something new and to have buy-in and influence in a mid-size company, and the privilege to work with a knowledgeable team.

“Ultimately, I see myself in an executive leadership position in some capacity. NAWIC has provided me with confidence both in myself and in my career. It has also provided great networking opportunities which has built a strong support system of women in the industry.” Fox has served the Indianapolis, Indiana Chapter as Director (2021-2023) and Marketing Committee Co-chair (2021-2023), and the NAWIC North Central Region as the Fall Conference Committee Chair 2022.

Fox would like to see more opportunity for women in leadership positions, as presidents and CEOs,  and as stakeholders within the construction industry as a whole. “There is a place for everyone and endless opportunity,” she says with a smile.

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