Best Person for the Job: Brittany Batrez

Brittany Batrez

Brittany Batrez, Operations Manager and Co-owner of Absolute Termite & Pest Control Services in Montgomery, Alabama entered the construction industry the way many women do, by chance. For Brittany, it was through her accounting background, but the more she learned about the business, the more involved she became.

“I enjoy being part of the job sites in the community,” she says. “It is fun to drive by a commercial building, residential home, or storage facility and know that I had a part in protecting that structure long term from wood destroying organisms.”

As the Operations Manager of Absolute Termite, she is responsible for the daily operations, including helping customers address their pest needs, submitting bids, managing the technicians’ routes, and handling all accounting needs. Her current team includes two female pest control technicians. Batrez says, “Hiring women to do pest control is not ‘normal’. However, they are attentive to detail and customers – both two things that are a HUGE part of what we do.”

She adds, “Being a woman in the industry has given me an advantage when it comes to growing our team and helping customers. I have the ability to help our women customers feel comfortable asking questions and understanding what pest related services are, many of which may be first time home buyers and a little intimidated to ask the questions.”

For Batrez, her biggest challenge along the way has been herself. As the youngest on the team, she was often intimidated to lead others that may have been in the industry longer. After years of letting her fears hold her back, Batrez finally got her pest control license from the Alabama Department of Agriculture. “Now, when I answer bids and customers’ questions, I feel more equipped and more prepared,” she says. “I have to remind myself that I have the knowledge and experience to be where I am. I hope that the next generation of women do not let their own fears hold them back. I hope they see themselves as worthy and equipped to have any career that they dream of.”

Batrez credits NAWIC with building her confidence. “I have never liked public speaking, but my NAWIC friends are always there to tell me that I am doing a good job (even if I feel like I bombed it.) And that experience has helped me be able to speak more confidently at team meetings at work. NAWIC has also helped me through education. I completed the Construction Bookkeeping Technician course last year, and it was a great refresher for me.”

Currently, Batrez serves as the NAWIC Montgomery, AL Chapter president. She has also served as Chapter treasurer, and Southeast Region WIC (Women in Construction) Week Chair.

Her advice for women considering a career in construction is, “Do not be afraid. Reach out to others in the industry and talk to them about the pros and cons. Ask questions. There are so many opportunities out there. The sky is the limit.”

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