Advancing Construction Technology Opens New Career Opportunities for Women Builders

According to the National Center for Construction Education and Research, the top 5 construction trends of 2022 were: better PPE for women, increased use of automation and robotics, increased use of 3D printing, widespread digital transformation, and a greater focus on sustainability. New technology is making construction easier, faster, safer, and more cost-effective than ever before. It is also providing new opportunities for women builders.

Construction Dive reported, “there’s a new shortage of skills in construction, but it’s not concentrated in any one trade. Instead, construction tech leaders are looking for people who understand construction’s emerging technology stack, as well as how the built environment works, to better address perennial pain points and help actual tradespeople work better, faster and more efficiently in the field.”
Some of the new job opportunities for women builders include:
Drone pilots
Drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles are changing the industry. Used for mapping and surveying, monitoring and tracking progress, collecting data, and to provide safety and security surveillance, drones can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and help keep construction workers safe. To become a drone pilot, you must obtain a Remote Pilot certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration and pass the FAA 107 Unmanned Aircraft General – Small (UAG) exam.

Autonomous heavy equipment operators
Accuracy, efficiency, and safety are increased when autonomous heavy equipment is used for sitework, excavation, and grading. Operated remotely with data and 3D mapping from GPS and sensors, the equipment can conduct their work in geofenced areas to precise specifications.

According to heavy equipment manufacturer, CAT, technology will help to address the ongoing worldwide shortage of qualified equipment operators. “They’ll act more as Heavy Equipment Systems Managers, directing multiple machines, possibly on more than one jobsite during the course of the day. With multiple video feeds, on-board sensor feedback and tactile controls, construction work will potentially appeal to both the video game generation and older workers who may no longer have the stamina (or desire) for demanding on-site work.”

Construction data analysts
New technology means an increase in available data, from sensors, drones, mobile apps, building information modeling (BiM) and more. Industry professionals, such as construction data analysts, combine construction knowledge with machine learning and data to reduce costs and risk while increasing efficiency and accuracy. Analytics is used to interpret data for optimization of areas such as billing, performance, scheduling, and project management.
New opportunities for women builders
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