Best Person for the Job – Adama Ba      

Meet Fort Worth chapter member Adama Ba

From early on her path to a career in construction, Ba has benefited from NAWIC support. The University of Texas at Arlington graduate holds a bachelor’s degree in construction management. She also has been certified through the NAWIC Education Foundation (NEF) as a Construction Bookkeeping Technician and through Procore as Project Manager.

“I’m incredibly grateful to have discovered NAWIC during my college years. NAWIC played a pivotal role in supporting my education through scholarships,” she says. Ba also credits NAWIC for invaluable connections and numerous opportunities to advance her career. “Thanks to the recommendations I received from NAWIC, finding a job right after college was much easier. I had a multitude of options to choose from. Moreover, NAWIC took away the fear of making a career change because I knew my fellow members would look out for me and reassure me that I would be okay.”

Today, Ba is an Assistant Project Manager for H. J. Russell & Company, one of the largest African American-owned construction services businesses in the United States. The company’s project portfolio includes building and renovating airports, entertainment venues, sports facilities, cultural, retail, office, higher education, multi-family residential, and institutional facilities.

“I thrive on being hands-on and witnessing the tangible results of my efforts. I enjoy every aspect of construction, from daily interactions with key stakeholders to project completion. Every day brings new challenges or problems, which I embrace as learning opportunities for continuous growth. Every time I learn something new, it feels like my proudest accomplishment. While it’s early in my career to pinpoint my greatest achievement, I’m confident that more milestones are on the horizon. The sky’s the limit, and I’m determined to reach new heights and grow in project management. “

Ba concedes that being a woman in the construction industry presents its challenges, but she has seen positive shifts. “In the right company, you’re not only heard and respected but also supported by those around you. H. J. Russell sets the gold standard for construction companies. Here, women are celebrated every day. Our leadership is comprised of strong women who actively support, mentor, and motivate others.”

Ba has reciprocated the support she has received from other women in the industry by playing an active role in her NAWIC chapter, where she has served as Director for 2 years. She encourages women to pursue a career in the field confidently. “We’re all here to support each other, and you can count on us.”

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