5 podcasts for female construction workers to listen to today

5 podcasts for female construction workers to listen to today

Many female construction workers become members of NAWIC because they want to feel supported within the male-dominated field of construction. One of our main goals with our NAWIC members is to share as much content as we can that will help female construction workers feel seen and heard. Among the sources of great content for female construction workers is the podcast category. We’ve rounded up a list of some of the top-rated podcasts created specifically for construction women and got a few suggestions from our members to add to the list. These podcasts are not only supportive spaces but are great conversation starters for female construction workers as well.

Space to Build
Praised for opening doors of communication for female construction workers, the Space to Build podcast founded by Kathryn Hart is a podcast made up of one-on-one conversations with women in construction. The goal of Space to Build is to amplify the experiences of female construction workers with different backgrounds and industry experience with the hope of providing inspiration and support for younger generations. Creator Kathryn Hart also encourages men to listen to this podcast so they can also understand how female construction workers feel within the industry. If you’re looking for a podcast to make you feel more connected to your fellow construction women, this is it!

Remodel Your Life
With over 35 years of construction industry experience, Remodel Your Life podcast host Camille Finan has heard a lot of stories from female construction workers worth sharing. This podcast not only brings light to women’s experiences within common construction roles but also dives into the world of tradeswomen and the design industry. What makes Remodel Your Life unique is that the team behind it works to provide scholarships, training and content for young women entering the construction and trade industries as well.

The Constructrr
This podcast is all about uplifting female construction workers and working towards making the construction industry one of inclusivity and empowerment. Constructrr is hosted by Brittanie Campbell-Turner, a project manager and business consultant, who gives an honest look into the tough conversations happening between women in construction. In addition to the podcast, Constructrr shares livestreams of the episodes on their website so female construction workers seeking advice can have quick resources to pass along to their teams.

She Who Dares, Wins
Host Michelle Hand takes an honest look into what it means to be a woman in the construction industry but adds some humor and wit along the way. Michelle explores the good, the bad, and the ugly that comes with working in industries dominated by men. Although Michelle is based in the UK, the content transcends country borders. The podcast includes interviews with female crane operators, award-winning entrepreneurs, and engineering directors, just to name a few from recent episodes.

Hazard Girls
Founder and CEO of Juno Jones Safety Shoes, Emily Soloby, hosts the Hazard Girls podcast which discusses the experiences of women working in non-traditional fields. Female construction workers can find relatable content here as Emily discusses striking the right work-life balance and how women can overcome obstacles within male-dominated industries. The podcast also highlights how Emily’s guests ended up in their current career paths and what inspired them to take the risks to succeed in construction.

How female construction workers can get even more construction related content through NAWIC
The National Association of Women in Construction now has over 117 local chapters across the United States, which makes it very easy for female builders to connect with our network of professionals. Membership is open to all construction women and NAWIC is able to provide members with amazing resources to help them gain confidence in their abilities and develop more leadership skills. Any female builders interested in becoming a NAWIC member can apply for membership by using either the online form or downloadable application to fill out and mail in – both of which are available on the NAWIC website. There are also several membership options available with flexible pricing and membership terms. To learn more about the female builders and powerful construction women involved in NAWIC or if you have any questions about membership, contact us through our social media pages.