Best Person for the Job: Shawna Alvarado

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The National Association of Women in Construction is embarking on a new series highlighting members that embody the spirit of NAWIC. Anyone can be the best person for the job in the construction industry – and our NAWIC members are here to prove it!

We believe all of our members bring something unique to the table, and we are thrilled to recognize those of you going above and beyond within our association.

Shawna Alvarado

Currently located: Santa Clara, CA

Job title: Controller

NAWIC Position title: Chapter President 3 times, as well as holding all other offices in chapter. Region 10 Director (2002/2004)

Tell us a little bit about your career and current position.

Started in the industry when I was only 18, ( before that if you count school summers) I started as a receptionist, to Insurance Admin, contracts, payroll to A/R and A/P, and now sitting on numerous other boards as well as a union trustee. I worked my way to the top and absolutely LOVE being able to work in the family business every day the past 25 years and now being able to train the 3rd generation! I truly love learning something new every day and how I can improve myself and help others while building a team!

How long have you been a NAWIC member, and how did you learn about NAWIC?

I learned about nawic when they were helping me find a job ( which they did) , and then I joined NAWIC in 1996 and learned about it from my mom who has been a member since 1977.

How has NAWIC helped you in your career?

NAWIC has helped me find my voice! It has given me the extra confidence and I have gained invaluable information to help me in my career. It gives me the opportunity to express myself in a safe and supportive setting with other industry professionals.

What is the best part about being a NAWIC member?

The endless support, the sisterhood that we believe and encourage one another. Having a team behind me that will not let me fail and if I do, they are there to support and pick me up.

Why do you consider NAWIC to be a great organization?

NAWIC is a unique and special group of only women! A group of leaders and professionals who have the same core purpose and values in mind doing their job everyday and wanting and encouraging each other to be successful!

Congratulations to Shawna for being recognized as part of our Best Person for The Job feature series. And thank you for all that you do for NAWIC! If you know of a NAWIC member that deserves to be recognized, contact us today.

Stay tuned for more NAWIC features, published monthly.