Best Person for the Job: Brenda Trejo

There are many paths to a career in construction. Brenda Trejo began her journey as secretary to world-renowned architect Ronald G. Firestone of Firestone Designs. Firestone’s work can be found in Dubai, Romania, Russia, Indonesia and across the US, and his clients included Marlon Brando and Carol Burnett.

“He saw something in me that nobody saw and he offered to teach me and put me in school,” Trejo said. Inspired by Firestone, her goal is to one day be known worldwide and to collaborate with other talented architects and designers.

After working for Firestone Designs as an Architectural Designer for almost a decade, Trejo went on to found her own firm, A & B Design in Toluca Lake, California. Her projects included single and multi-family residences, HOA Communities, light commercial buildings, remodels, and landscape designs.

“I love how I am able to make someone’s vision come to life, and I can drive by homes and proudly say, ‘I designed that!’” Trejo especially likes to design homes starting with an empty lot, like this one at 29757 Mulholland Hwy., Ahoura Hills, CA 91301, a particular favorite of hers.

As a designer, Trejo has seen advances in technology that have revolutionized her work. “We have gone from hand drawings to computer drawings/2D renderings to 3D and 4D printing, to virtual reality. This means we can design and better transform designs into reality and improve client communication!” she said.

In early 2022, Trejo moved from Southern California, where she grew up, to Northern California to join TriCore Panels as a Designer & Estimator. It was through TriCore that Trejo was first introduced to NAWIC, though she had been working in the industry for more than a decade. Misha Homara, owner of TriCore Panels, took Trejo to her first WIC (Women in Construction) Week event. “It was exactly what I was looking for, a place where I could make friends, connect, and grow! After the first event I was eager to join.”

Trejo now serves as a member of the NAWIC Silicon Valley Chapter Board of Directors. “In the short period of time that I’ve been involved with NAWIC, it has impacted my life significantly. I look forward to every event and I have yet to miss one. I’ve made many friends that I can tell will be lifelong. NAWIC has given me life again. A reason to love Northern California and to call it home. It has confirmed that this is where I belong, in the design/construction world, the world I love. With NAWIC as a support system I know I will achieve great things!”

Trejo encourages women to give the industry a try. “There’s nothing to fear. Give it a shot! Do a walk-through, or shadow someone for a day. Do some research and you will see there’s a reason why this industry is attracting more and more women.”

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