Committee Goal: Promote NAWIC to emerging professionals through networking, education, & events.

This committee’s goals are to help our chapters attract, retain, and bring value to the women who are new to NAWIC and/or the construction industry. We want to bridge the gap between seasoned members and new members by providing a mentoring program, articles, event ideas, and other resources. Our Emerging Professionals will benefit from learning and gaining guidance from existing NAWIC members. Likewise, the Emerging Professionals have a wealth of experiences, ideas, and abilities which will benefit our organization as a whole. We want this group to be inclusive, as it will take all of us to support and engage our Emerging Professionals and help build the best possible future for NAWIC.

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Committee chair: Misti Burdine

Committee co-chair: Jasmyn Knight

Emerging Professional Info:

Mentoring program:

  • Develop national subcommittee for mentorship program – Head up the national database members can access experience.
  • Create at the region level information of potential mentors and mentees and how to match women up. Will work with national group to form logistics of how to create program for regions.


  • Build the infrastructure necessary to ensure emerging professionals have a valuable and positive experience once they join NAWIC. Joining with other committees to do at least three joint webinars on topic.

Contact Colleges/Trade Schools:

  • Create an outreach program to engage students. Maria Patchin (Sacramento) may have form letter she uses to get students connected to NAWIC. Next year’s contest may be around how many campuses you have solicited.

Experience Database:

  • Working with national office to determine if there can be questions related to the database that are available while filling in your application. Will continue to discuss and work on as a committee.

Career Development:

  • Arm women starting out with the tools to maximize their impact on the job. MB to join with PD&E on Personal Branding.
  • Recognize individuals and employers that exemplify the goals of this committee and choose to invest in themselves and the development of their employees.

Emerging Professionals: What does “Emerging Professionals” mean, anyway? Why is it critical to the future success of NAWIC and the construction industry? Click the headline to learn the answers to these questions and more.

NAWIC Mentor Program

Mentoring is a voluntary, reciprocal, joint-directed, and collaborative learning relationship between two individuals, a Mentor and a Mentee. Both share mutual responsibility and accountability for helping a mentee work toward achievement of clear and defined goals. Like any relationship, mentoring is truly defined by the individual’s commitment to the relationship, personality, and experience.

Strategic Plan

Are you curious to know more about what Emerging Professionals is all about? This document highlights our long-term goals for the committee and organization.

Tips & Tricks

Struggling to find ways to start an EP program in your chapter? Are you looking for new ways to engage your emerging professionals?

Emerging Professionals Handbook

Are you passionate about emerging Professionals and interested in getting involved on the chapter, regional, or national level? Here’s what being an EP chair is all about.

Past Webinar Recordings

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